A Fire Side Chat Lance White Aug Tellez – Vid 3 Archons, Soul Recycling, Ancient Civilizations

This is the final release of the 3 hour pre-show conversation I had with Lance White from A Fire Side Chat, on November 2, 2016

Lance presents to you an amount of information that can only be attained in the age of information. Quite literally, this is an unprecedented time of this civilization where the possibilities can be accessed from all over the world by those who simply want to know the truth.

What is possible? We may not know the limits of the beginning or the end but we surely know that what is presented as the limits today are no where near what is actually possible and what has actually been experienced on or in Earth by Humanity and other races.

This is a heavily informationally layered conversation, listening more than once may reveal new information. Topics include: Time Travel, Mind-Control, Ancient Civilizations, Spiritual Reality, The Nature of the Soul, Secret Projects (Unacknowledged Special Access Programs), Holographic Consciousness, and more.





Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct

(post repeated) Mental-Emotional Torture/Trauma-Based Mind Control, Machine Learning, Bio-Etheric Emissions Harvesting, Color Coded Humans

Aug Tellez: Secret Space Program, Solar Warden, The Unveiling, Secret Societies, Higher Awareness 11-27-16

This is as much an update as it is a true initial disclosure. I am here to assist in The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and this is a series of events organized by higher authority that will inform humanity of the true nature of the Universe, consciousness, the origins of humanity and the discoveries of the secret projects as well as the nature of corruption and deception.

“A lot to talk about but only a few things that really need to be said.” T-40 minutes of talking. Excuse the coat noises they calm down after the first few minutes. Also excuse my use of the word “vaguey”.

The Human Brain/Mind interface is a Scalar Wave Resonance System

Personal Mythology with Stanley Krippner


Stanley Krippner: At a subconscious level, we are all subject to the influence of myths operating in our lives. Some of these are irrational and destructive. Others are positive and rational. Through the use of ritual, dreams, and mental imagery, we can bring these powerful dynamics into the light of consciousness.

When we let something influence us this plays out into a story that represents morals or universal archetypal forces mixing together and resulting in an interplay that we are the conductor and the medium for.

The very far notion of time and reality is contained as the past and the present no matter how immediate or distant. Other than the minute moment of the presence of the present itself, there is no absolute linearity to existence. So only in the presence of one moment directly adjacent to the next is their a requirement of linearity and this is through the functioning of the brain as a projector system.

Since there is only one present moment at a time, there never can be any actual linearity, but only the supposed notion as generated by the memories of the brain. The mind naturally extends beyond that as a non-physical component of the biological system.

This is also an extension that must be adapted towards an advanced body as the complex interactions of the higher mind with the material biology requires complex chemical and physiological capabilities.

Since the only moment that we know to exist is the singular moment and that each moment can only exist in linearly when viewed adjacently to another moment simultaneously, the immediate location of time directly outside the present as well as the far ends of history and the future are not set in stone but are entirely anamorphic. They are mythical or represented through myth.

What one does in this small cycle of time between each ephemeral present that defies and defines its own existence in relation to one another, directly or indirectly leads up to the far extended and immaterial mythical perspective time or existence. These notions are the “causes” for everything being the way it is on a physical level complete with mythical stories and tales of beings and actions greater than the influence we have here in the now of the ‘small cycle’ of time

And they are the reasons behind the results of events and actions here that dictate existence for us eternally in the larger sense of how interactions in the physical plays out on a soul-level in the immaterial for a human ‘later’ in the larger cycles of time.

As one becomes aware of this knowledge, they can control or guide the way they are shaped and intrinsically and paradoxically influencing what they are shaped out of, what they are shaping, and what they are shaped into as a result that cross temporal planes.