Connect, Awaken, Heal

First and last, we are here to connect, awaken, and heal.

Find those who will listen. Connect with those who share the similar frequency. Awaken each other through that connection. Heal through that awakening of energies and original being.

Our energies were preserved, we were to wait until this very opportunity.

Know the experience of the darkness is part of the healing process.


Day In Day Out

Everything that’s happening is supposed to happen this way. Tomorrow too. Instead of reacting, collect together and connect through the heart, mind and gut/intuition. That is the only way, I’m telling you now.

If you think you’ve figured it out…

If you think you’ve figured it out but haven’t done the internal work of merging duality then you’ve only stumbled upon a single layer of deception which is designed to appear to be the truth to those who are only looking on the surface level.

The Mind Killer

Fear is the mind killer. The one who harbors it does not experience spiritual progress.

Nothing is As It Seems, When People Want to Help The World, They Will Be United

As much as you may feel that everything here is done against your interests, the events that have been taking place are actually to produce a viable outcome for the majority, rather than just one group of people.

With the current ‘scapegoat’ based power-structure in the West, people tend to only want power for themselves and their “nation” (which is not theirs, or does not exist in the way they believe it does). Yet for every pleasure the West has, the East is suffering because of the format in which the west gains that superficial pleasure.

If the citizens themselves would unite, TO HELP the WHOLE world, rather than just themselves, then we would watch this system evolve into something more balanced.

If people fight for the cause of helping themselves, then the hoops that they have to jump through are actually keeping a balance for the whole world.

This seems counter-intuitive  but that is because on a superficial level everyone wants peace through the acquisition of peace and pleasure FOR THEMSELVES.

This is not true peace. If people want peace, they would want to help the world. IF people want to help the world, then they would do it, they would not rely on someone else’s promises of hope in order to satitiate that lust. It’s a kind of sensory related illusion due to the lack of connection as one people to fall into that program.

That’s the whole idea though, if the people as a whole can wake up to the program, then they will simply create what they want to see instead of basically taking the easy route and ‘cheating’ by attempting to have it done for them  by putting all of their energy into others who promise to do it for them.

Think about it, that is the cosmic version of attempting to look for the remote control for days instead of just getting up and turning the dial manually.

It’s a game to rely on others and leads to an eventually disappointment from the lack of truly original and personal results. This is a personal world under the guise of a collective realm and so we must strive for personal change and realize this is the highest duty we have rather than giving power to others who would then change the world for us.

These are the charades and if we allow the charades to go on so long that it brings harm to the world, and yet the people supported it and without their support it could go no where, then the blame must be accepted by the people as a whole. That is the only way to solve this, the only way to root out the distortion at the source, in the collective psyche.

If it is healed at that level, then it is healed forever. If another, more pleasant illusion is maintained, then that problem still exists and will rise to the surface again.

To hate the system is to miss the point, simply retain your energy and will-power and truly apply it towards helping others and helping to clear the collective psyche. That will result in actual change while the former simply places one into a revolving wheel of reactions and responses to predetermined scenarios.

More than One Species

There’s more than one species of “hu-man” on the plan-it realm we call “Earth”.

The Great Purifier

Essential oils, incense, harmonious sounds/energies and bio-emissions. These cleanse the matter/space of toxins and disharmony. This is known by both sides.

Use what you know to purify your body and mind and thus your life. This happens in more ways than one. Hardship, in itself, is a reminder of this process.

Responsible Human

The best ideas come from a place where no one can hear them.

We have to take responsibility. Humanity has to take responsibility. The individual must love themselves in order to love others. Humanity does not respect itself.

We are coming to an age where all the stops are being removed.

We do not need to be told how things are in order for them to be that way. THEY JUST ARE. What we are told is how things should be seen in order to keep things the way they are.

Cosmic Intelligence, Simulation and Time

Everyone has a chance, everyone has the ability to find help as long as they can look for it. Everyone is a healer if they put their mind to it and heal themselves first. Everyone is capable of knowing if they put every fiber of their being towards it. You are all potential Universes. There is no true end. This moment right now exists for ever in a space/time continuum that exists as part of a larger system that is created out of higher dimensional interactions between planes.

This is a very interesting situation Humanity finds itself regarding our existence in the Universe. Does the individual relate completely to the picture of the whole?

The idea that we are 3.5 dimensionally “printing” reality into existence comes into play here. Continue reading “Cosmic Intelligence, Simulation and Time”

Belief Systems and Secret Projects

Everyone’s belief systems are stories that were invented in the secret projects and underground bases to preoccupy people so that they do not find the truth unless they know how to apply themselves. It’s to the degree that all of the responses of the human genome can be predicted and a secondary reaction/data-stream can be organized for each of the different layers of intelligence/awareness in the population and this can go many layers deep. This entire civilization is literally a secret project.

Mind and Emotion

Is it more difficult to control your state of emotions or your mentality and mental expressions? What if one who feels overwhelmed by their emotions can use their rational mind to restore equilibrium and one who is constantly pushed by their rational mind can restore balance by expressing their emotions? Then everything is constantly in a balance depending on how the individual discerns between the guiding force behind the each state of being either emotional or mental. Are there any other states of being?

Agendas and Deception

Lots of people are running an agenda game. They are specifically placed here and agreeing, wittingly or not, to a plan of distracting everyone. You=warned Also. I could be running disinfo. NO ONE knows the whole truth. Trust, even the people that programmed others don’t have the WHOLE truth. A large part of this is whether we’re spreading fear or togetherness with our information and presence. Whether we’re making the best of what we have here and now or selling dreams of some far off time or place. The greatest and most powerful dreams are found WITHIN! There is a science to that, a knowledge base. THAT is the knowledge of the true self! Why would we want anything else? Know thyself, know the Universe. Discern between the true self and the false sense of self, the ego matrix this control system of deception is constructed out of; false responses and perceptions.

Simulations and Learning

Part of what went on in the underground base experiments were to design “tests” or “labyrinths” with various people, props, traps, and treacherous situations that were to be navigated and escaped from.

Feedback loops with the brain, consciousness, and environment can create a very complex and integrated learning experience that is customized to each individual learner.

What this would do is create an individual that was capable of learning faster and faster and processing information in a more efficient manner.


I wanted to say this because it is relevant to the goal of getting the truth to the public and as well it may fill in some blanks.

While in the bases, as a child, I spoke with Bernie Mac, Brittany Murphy, and Chris Benoit. These individuals intended to make public the knowledge of cloning and the underground bases.

Hints at Celebrity Cloning In The Media

I am freed and oppressed through the information and experiences I have.

I want to help the celebrities as well as any other individuals who would like to express their free-will in order to protect the balance in life.

Share The Truth About Celebrity Cloning

Cloning Centers


We are never truly alone.

We’re all in this together. We cannot desert each other. In that sense, no one in particular is really here and we are never truly alone.