Video Posts

Update Realm Simulation Liberation

Virtual Reality Dream Simulation, Neurological Cloning and Time Compression`

Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (video post)

Inner Space Creator

Free Energy Soul of Eternally Transcendent Radiant Self-Awareness

The Unveiling, The Game, The Inside Man

Earth Unveiling Disclosure Situation, The Time Matrix Avatar System, Soul Farm and

Questions of Humanity, Origins of the Universe, The Nature of Consciousness and the Cosmic Mind

DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet

Time and Space as Shifting Higher-Dimensional Perspective of Peripheral and Central Awareness

Disclosure, Civilization Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET

Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation

The 5 D Reality Bridge (video)

The Civilization Test

Biological Consciousness and Soul Awareness, Technological Immortality, The Illusion of the Self

The Downward Spiral of Social Decay, Free-Will, Psychological Manipulation, the Victim Role and Choosing Healing Rather than Revenge

The Progenitor System

The Expansion Cycle of the Self and Non-Self, The Holographic Universe (Fractal Infection) Exit Plan and Extra-Dimensional Map of Reality

The Center of Self

Liberation of the Mind

Cloning Stations, Uploaded Simulated Memories, Antarctica and Guiding The Earthship

We Must Heal Together to Solve the Parasitic Infection

Free-Will Volition and Cosmic Harmony; The Extra-Dimensional Creator Experience

The Next Phase of Existence; Energy Healing, The Mind, Body and Universe

The Soul Trap Machine, Men in Black, AI Artificial Time-Matrix Lords and The Light Faction

Original Morality, The Time-Matrix and the Holographic Universal Simulator

Everything Will Be Public, Including Experiences

The Global Mind, The Hive and The Mind-Virus, Time Alteration, Consciousness and Changes of Society

Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating Whole Body – Mind Generation Force (video)

Child Sexual Abuse by Politicians, Spiritual Slavery, Advanced Technology and Simulated Realities (video)

Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct

Mater Woman Dream Mind Map Projection, NWO, Cabal, Psychological Manipulation, Self-Empowerment